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Real life nutrition approach to
lower cholesterol.

Simple ways to enhance your heart health

Minimize medication needs

reduce the risk of a heart attack


Find a SUSTAINABLE eating plan that works for YOU!

You have a strong desire to change your eating NOW to prevent heart disease.

But you are struggling to make changes on your own.

women with both hands over her face

Does this sound like you?

There’s a way to reach your goal to lower your cholesterol naturally, AND stick to a heart healthy eating style for the long haul!

Aren’t you tired of being on and off of a cardiac diet plan because it was unrealistic to begin with? Or, maybe you are confused about what to actually eat.

It’s time to PUT AN END to endless conflicting nutrition information that only leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed. 

There is a streamlined evidence-based approach to make simple nutrition changes, one step at a time, that you can tailor to your eating style!

Imagine What it would be like when:

Kind words from clients:

I work with people struggling with high cholesterol to lower their labs to minimize medication needs and lower their risk of having a heart attack.

My work with clients is a personal one. I used to have high cholesterol, and I know how SCARY and OUT OF CONTROL it can feel to know that something is off in your body.

I was shocked when I found out! But… after the shock wore off, I realized that I had been taking my body for granted. 

As a mom, wife, and business owner, I was busy (still am!). I started to rely more and more on convenience foods and got used to having a really low standard for self-care.

I would push my body while I was sleep deprived, worked long hours, and put my family, and literally everyone else first before taking care of myself.  The thing is.. I felt AWFUL. I was overwhelmed all the time and felt stuck with the way I was eating.

Luckily I was not confused. As a trained nutrition expert, I knew what I had to do to lower my labs. I felt like this was my wake-up call to make changes to my lifestyle.

Even though I had limited time and energy, I found ways to make heart-healthy eating work in a REALISTIC WAY.

I didn’t follow an extremely low-fat diet.

I didn’t go vegan.

I just.. Started making simple changes. 

Hi There, I'm Josephine!

woman eating apple

Since shifting my eating to a heart-healthy one,

I. just. feel. better.

Now, I feel accomplished that I was able to lower my labs. I stay ORGANIZED with my eating which helps me feel less overwhelmed. And I feel good that I’m modeling healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors to my children. 

Many people come to me feeling overwhelmed, confused, and scared. And because I’ve been able to successfully help them at a one-on-one level, I wanted to create something to help serve MORE people. Make a bigger impact by offering a program that allows me to work with more people at once.

That’s why I created this program. To help YOU. Someone who is driven and wants to make nutrition changes but doesn’t know where to start. 

Heart-healthy eating doesn’t have to be rocket science.

But it’s extremely helpful to have an expert guide you along the way. And have a community of people to support and keep you accountable. 

I’d love to help you build a healthy eating style that is realistic to you!

Are you ready to start eating to lower your cholesterol and optimize your heart health now?

let's go with yes!


12-week group coaching program focused on nutrition and lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol levels and enhance heart health.

Here’s what you can expect from the Heart Healthy Eating Blueprint:

You will learn how to transition to heart healthy eating step-by-step through our signature EMPOWER method, where we dive into:

  • E: Foods to ENHANCE heart health and body’s cholesterol-lowering mechanism.
  • M: Foods to MINIMIZE that increase cholesterol levels, leading to heart health harm.
  • POW: PRIORITIZE & OPTIMIZE by WORKING with heart healthy foods. This is beyond reducing lab values. Foods to include to boost heart health and prevent heart disease progression and reduce the risk of cardiac events.
  • ER: EAT MINDFULLY, build, and REINFORCE your healthy eating habits.
Group Coaching

Direct support from me on our 10 LIVE nutrition coaching calls where we go over practical tips on how to implement the information.

We’ll always set aside Q&A time during the calls.

Worksheets, checklist, guides

Helpful worksheets, checklists, and guides to make implementing heart healthy eating easy!

These include Heart Healthy Snack Guide, Baking Swap Guide, Simple Meal Planning Worksheet, Heart Healthy Plate Guide, and Dining Out Guide, to name a few!

Private Community

Supportive private community to share your accomplishments and struggles, while you gain encouragement from others learning alongside you.

Josephine will actively be supporting you in the community space for additional education and accountability.

Heart Healthy Recipes

Cholesterol-Lowering Recipe ebook that includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and simple recipes that take less than 15 minutes to put together (yes please!).

Meal Plans

6-week carefully crafted heart healthy meal plan (no more getting bored with the same meals all the time! 

Pantry Overhaul Guide

An extensive list (53 pages long!) and guide of heart-healthy foods and food products, from condiments to frozen meals! Make a smooth transition in your eating while you continue to enjoy all foods!

Kind words from clients

Stop the overwhelm, confusion, and fear, and start lowering your cholesterol NOW by building a solid foundation for YOUR heart healthy eating. All in just 12 weeks!

middle aged man and woman looking at a laptop screen

Looking for an actual breakdown of the program?


Heart Healthy Nutrition Foundations

In Step One, you’ll learn how to jump-start your body’s natural cholesterol-lowering mechanism and enhance your heart health. 

We’ll cover:

  • Foods to maximize and foods to minimize in your eating, with easy-to-implement and realistic strategies.
  • Many real-life examples of how to start shifting your food choices.
  • Beyond lowering cholesterol levels, foods to optimize your heart health to prevent heart disease progression.
  • Supplements to consider to help lower your cholesterol levels faster. 

The first 4 weeks of the program will be focused on this essential foundation.

two women eating healthy at the table smiling
older couple cooking together

Practical Nutrition Tips

Step Two is all about implementation, troubleshooting, and finding a way to build a heart healthy eating approach that works for YOU! 

We’ll cover:

  • Doable ways to meal plan, so you can approach meal planning without feeling overwhelmed (It seriously doesn’t have to take hours!). 
  • Tips on dining out. It’s not realistic to think that you will never eat at a restaurant ever again – there is a way to make these situations work for you. You’ll gain confidence by knowing what to look for on the menu and take the stress out of dining out! 
  • Creating “Plan B” meals, so you don’t get off track when unexpected things happen in life, or to plan for a busy week. 

The second 4 weeks of the program will be focused on this vital topic of implementation.


Mindful Eating Techniques and Strategies to Build New Habits.

Step Three is all about mindful eating and habit building, meaning, practicing making food choices that support your health without feeling restricted.

We’ll cover:

  • Mindful eating and habit change to stick to heart-healthy eating for the long haul.
  • How to eat mindfully and STOP OVEREATING and mindless eating for good.
  • How to put YOU back in your eating plan. Who wants to blindly follow a diet plan? This eventually leads down a path to giving up on the diet and sacrificing your heart health.
  • Strategies on building new habits and making them stick.

The last 4 weeks of the program will be focused on learning to build stronger connections with your body so that you can CONTINUE your heart healthy journey without being on and off of your heart healthy eating plan.

woman eating an apple

Let's talk about the bonuses.


Nutrition approach to sustainable  weight loss without going hungry!

Are you carrying extra weight on your body that may be contributing negatively toward your cholesterol levels, heart and general health? 

You’ll gain access to an educational video on a healthy weight loss method that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry!

heavy set woman eating healthfully

Cholesterol Labs Explained

A video dedicated to explaining your lab values and varying nutrition strategies depending on which labs are elevated. 

You will gain more understanding of what aspect of heart healthy eating to focus more on, depending on your labs. 

Pantry Overhaul Guide

Two Live Exercise Sessions

There are certain types of exercise that can help lower your cholesterol. There will be 2 LIVE CALLS with Reika Shucart, 500 hour certified yoga teacher with trauma informed yoga trained and accessible yoga trained, on ways to move your body (from your own home, no gym necessary!) to obtain these goals.

woman striking a yoga pose on the beach

Live Relaxation Call

Stress impacts our health in so many ways, and the same goes for heart health and high cholesterol. Reika is back again as she helps you achieve total relaxation. She will share simple strategies and lead a live relaxation class.

woman with hands together striking a pose in yoga

Join Heart Healthy Eating Blueprint today.

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Kind words from clients

Join "Heart Healthy Eating Blueprint" now!

Choose your investment option below to get started

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Includes everything outlined above!

Total value = $5,000!

But you only pay $497 one time 



THREE 45 minute one-on-one calls with Dietitian Josephine to receive even more individualized support! {value = $1500}


Includes everything outlined above in the STANDARD option.


Total value = $6,500!

But you only pay $997 one time! 



per month for 3 months

Includes everything outlined above!

Total value = $5,000!

But you only pay three easy monthly payments of $197!

Additional bonus if you pay in full!

This bonus applies to either the Standard Pay-In-Full option or VIP support outlined above.

ONE 45-minute Private nutrition coaching call with Dietitian Josephine


Use this bonus session to get INDIVIDUALIZED support by getting your questions answered, and craft personalized nutrition strategies to see faster results!

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Join Heart Healthy Eating Blueprint today.

Get control of your cholesterol. Stop living in fear.

Gain the knowledge and build the skills to lower your labs, and continue your heart healthy eating journey with ease.

30-Day No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

I know that investing in your health can feel scary. And I also know that this program offers tremendous value! Minimizing the need for cholesterol-lowering medication and learning a sustainable way to reduce your risk of a cardiac event is priceless! However, I understand that you may find it difficult to make a financial decision without seeing the inside of the program. For this reason, I offer a 30-day, no-risk refund policy. Join my Heart Healthy Eating Blueprint today and if by Oct 25, 2023 at 11:59 pm, you feel that you didn’t receive value from the program, email contact@honesthealthnutrition.com. Show proof to my team that you’ve completed your worksheets and either have been on each week’s live call or you’ve watched the replay, and we’ll give you your money back, no further questions asked.

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

All video lessons are 5–15 minutes long. We made the videos short intentionally, so you can fit them into your day with ease. You get tangible information you can implement immediately without spending hours on educational videos. Live calls are 60-minutes long, and they are all recorded for you to access whenever it’s convenient for you. I highly encourage you to carve out time to go through the lessons, attend the calls live or via replay, stay active in the community group for encouragement and support, and implement what you’ve learned during the 12 active weeks to get the most out of the program. The amount of time you’ll need to implement the nutrition strategies will depend on what you choose to focus on, and what your current habits look like. You may spend about 2 hours per week, and you may spend more, especially at the start of the program as you are making shifts in your eating and are in an active learning phase. 

And sometimes life happens, and if you fall behind, you will have lifetime access to all program content to get to come back to whenever you are able and ready!

All calls will be recorded, and we do our best to make replays available for you to view as soon as possible within 24 hours of the live call.

There is tremendous value in watching the replays (either as a first-time viewer or as a repeat-viewer) as other participants will likely have questions that you can benefit from. You also can submit questions you’d like addressed, prior to the live call, to have them answered!

Everyone is different. Genetics play a huge role in how you respond to nutrition changes. But if you follow the plan closely, you may see up to a 35% decrease in total cholesterol and LDL over the 12 weeks of the program.

Strategies to lower triglycerides are covered in STEP 1, and you’d benefit from STEP 2 and 3 about healthy eating implementation. If your triglyceride levels are above 500, then we recommend that you choose the VIP Support tier for a more individualized approach. 

If your triglyceride level is above 1000, then you will need individualized support rather than participating in this group program. Please reach out to our team at contact@honesthealthnutrition.com to learn more about our 1:1 coaching program.

If you have a question about something that’s not addressed, please email us at contact@honesthealthnutrition.com, and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours (week days Monday-Friday).

You can also call to schedule a 15-minute phone call to answer any questions you may have. Email us, and we’ll set up a phone call!

This program is focused on lowering cholesterol levels AND preventing heart disease progression. So, whether you only have elevated cholesterol levels, or you have had a heart attack, you will benefit from this program. You will learn strategies to implement heart-healthy eating in a streamlined way.

It's time to make a decision!

There is no need to struggle alone with your cholesterol. Changing your eating and lifestyle can be a challenge, especially when you are going at it all by yourself. Let’s stop the confusion by learning nutrition strategies that are evidence-based, and follow proven steps with support.

woman smelling flower

Read this before you go!

It’s scary to think about things like high cholesterol and heart attacks.

But the truth is, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

It is easy to let the days go by without making any changes, even when you have this nagging feeling that you are not doing enough! I’ve been there, done that. I wish that I had a supportive community and an expert coach to guide me make necessary heart-healthy eating changes.

Let me help you lower your cholesterol and your SUSTAINABLE heart healthy eating journey.

It’s time for you to feel confident about your eating and to see your cholesterol levels go down!

If you still have questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime at contact@honesthealthnutrition.com! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.


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