The Mindful Eating Approach

Let's find your balance!


we will work on mindless and/or emotional eating while we discuss simple ways to improve your nutrition to improve your heart health.

The goal is for you to be a confident mindful nutritious eater!

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Mindful Eating Blueprint program
- 3 months to jumpstart improving cholesterol, blood sugar, and reach your healthy weight -

3-month Mindful Eating Blueprint program will help jumpstart your journey to improving your physical health, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and relationship with foods. The program will be personalized to your body’s needs which are dependent on your physical health, medical condition, and health goals. 

Face to Face Virtual Sessions

  • 75-minute initial session to kick off your nutrition journey
  • 7 45-minute follow-up sessions for accountability, support, and further education to apply nutrition and mindful eating knowledge to your life!

Tools for success

  • Personalized macronutrient plan to help meet your body’s nutrition needs
  • Access to custom meal plans to make meal planning and prepping a breeze!
  • Plenty of nutrition and mindful eating handouts and worksheets to help solidify your knowledge base.
  • Nutrition Plan tailored to you such as nutrition to lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar, weight loss


  • Food journaling with helpful comments to stay connected for accountability between sessions.
  • Chat support between sessions for extra support
  • Weekly check ins to help reflect your week’s accomplishment and barriers 

Investment: varies based on insurance benefits

My A1C numbers are down! Yippees! I'm doing something right 😀
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Nutrition Plan Specific to You

Your nutrition plan will be tailored to your health needs during our time together. Josephine specializes in nutrition for heart health, blood sugar management, weight management and mindful eating.

High cholesterol and blood pressure

There are a lot we can do with nutrition to lower your cholesterol labs and blood pressure.

Is this you?

"I was given 3 months to work on my nutrition before being placed on medication by my doctor. I don't know where to start!"

"I'm experiencing side effects from cholesterol lowering medications, and want to reduce the dose or get off of it entirely"

"I don't cook and am lost on how to improve my cholesterol and blood pressure"

"I have a family history of heart disease, and want to work on prevention"

Constant overeating that leave you feeling guilty

Do you feel out of control around food?

Do you find yourself eating mindlessly all the time and don't know how to stop?

Do you feel lost on how to start eating healthfully without obsessing about foods and what you should be and shouldn't be eating?

Mindful eating approach will help work through these behaviors and thoughts that are preventing you from eating for enjoyment and to improve your health!

Diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes

Blood sugar management is key to preventing debilitating complications from diabetes or from being diagnosed with diabetes.

Is this you?

"I was diagnosed with diabetes and am scared and confused on what to do"

"I have had diabetes for some time now, and want to work to improve my diet and lifestyle"

"I am concerned about my baby's health since my diagnosis with gestational diabetes and need a specific plan to manage my blood sugar levels"

"Diabetes run in my family, and I want to prevent having blood sugar issues as long as possible"

"We will work to improve your blood sugar levels with practical tips, nutrition guidance, accountability and lots of encouragement."

Weight Management

Are you struggling to achieve or maintain weight loss while including foods you love in your eating?

Are you confused on where to start to create lasting healthy eating habits?

Are you are yo-yo dieter? And have tried multiple temporary restrictive diets to achieve your weight loss goals?

We will work on creating healthy lifestyle habits, one-by-one, to help you reach your healthy weight and gain confidence in your eating habits.

common questions

You will meet with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to reach your health goals, such as lowering cholesterol levels, blood sugar management, improving relationship with food, feeling confident about your food choices, learning ways to nourish your body to feel your best, reach your healthy weight, and more.

Each session will be personalized by tailoring the nutrition education, goals, practice of mindful eating to YOU! We will end each session with an actionable goal(s) for you to focus on to yield results.

Initial session is 60-75 minutes long.

Follow up sessions are 30-45 minutes long.

As many sessions as you need to see the best results for you during our 3 months together!

This program may be partly covered by your insurance if you have one of the following: Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Blue Shield of California, Medicare (with diagnosis of diabetes and/or kidney disease). Please note, there will be an out of pocket investment even if your insurance offers nutrition coverage. Insurance may cover up to about 1/3 of the program fee.

After you fill out the Application for the 90 Days Mindful Eating Blueprint, we will get in touch with you to schedule a clarity call to clarify any other questions you may have about the program, nutrition approach, and see if we are a good fit to work together. Once we decide to proceed with your enrollment, we will schedule you for your first session during our phone call.

Josephine is currently not offering a stand-along session as she works with clients who are fully committed to the process of improving your health through behavior changes and mindset shifts – transformations take more than one nutrition session.

The program fee will depend greatly on your insurance coverage. Additionally, some services are simply not covered by insurance, such as meal plans, chat availability, and food journal support. We offer low-interest monthly payments for any out-of-pocket fee to make this program accessible to all! Reach out to our office through the application for more details!

You will meet with your dietitian from the comfort of your home using a secure HIPAA compliant tele-health platform called Healthie. This platform allows you to meet with your dietitian face-to-face over a video call. Phone call sessions are available as well. 

You will be able to see your appointments, secure message your dietitian, and journal your food intake in the Healthie platform.

More on the free client platform Healthie here.

In the initial 3 months of working together, you will have unlimited sessions with your dietitian to have a solid foundation to jump start your journey to better health. Clients typically do well with 2-4 sessions per month. Continuation programs are available once the 3 months Mindful Eating Blueprint program is completed if you decide that you would like continued support as you implement and solidify your behavior changes and mindset shifts.

All sessions will be done over the phone, or via video sessions.

Cholesterol LOW Program

Trying to manage your cholesterol but feel lost in the sea of nutrition advice?

Establish a solid eating foundation to lower cholesterol levels in 6 weeks!

6-week program for high cholesterol and heart disease prevention.

Imagine waking up each day with the peace of mind that you've taken control of your health. 

You're feeling energetic, your doctor is impressed by your progress, and you're committed to a lifestyle that keeps it that way. 

The worry that used to nag at the back of your mind about cholesterol is gone. 

You're enjoying life's moments more, without the shadow of cholesterol concerns. 

What's Included in the Group program?

LIVE sessions

  • 6 weekly live video calls to go over streamlined nutrition strategies with a small group of other participants enrolled in the program.
  • All live call recordings with lifetime access!

Tools for success

  • Heart-healthy weekly meal plans to make meal planning and prepping a breeze!
  • Plenty of nutrition handouts and worksheets to help solidify your knowledge base.
  • Pantry overhaul guide with heart-healthy food product recommendations saving you hours of research!
  • Heart healthy snack guide packed full of snack ideas you’ll never be bored with your snacks!


  • Private community for accountability and support.
  • Email access to Josephine for urgent questions.

Investment: 3 monthly payments of $197 or $497 when paid in full

Looking for some nutrition guidance to get you started right away? Grab our free 7 day Mediterranean Meal Plan to get started on healthy eating your body thrives on! 


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